Thank You Notes


Dear Laurie,
Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer.  These moments are so special and we are very greatful to have someone with your talent capture these moments.  Your hard work will be cherished and appreciated.  Thank you for answering every phone call, email, and understanding with last minute changes.  ~ J and C

To say I was impressed with Laurie’s work on my wedding in May would be an understatement. Her passion for photography is clear from the moment she begins. Laurie spent time before the wedding taking test shots to ensure the camera settings and lighting were just right. She sat down with us and discussed everything beforehand, ensuring that any “special” pictures we wanted would be included. She is extremely organized and professional, and even stepped in to assist with other aspects of the wedding that we had not planned for! I truly enjoyed getting to know her. She is very kind and patient, and you can tell she has tons of experience doing what she does. As she is taking the photographs, she knows what will end up looking amazing and is able to instruct you on little things that you would never think of yourself. Everyone had tons of fun taking pictures. I was the first of my friends to get married, so we were all a little unfamiliar with everything, but Laurie had lots of both fun and traditional poses to suggest for the bridal party. The pictures turned out better than I could have imagined, and looking through them was like reliving my wedding all over again. It was an absolute delight having someone with such passion be involved in such an important part of the biggest day of my life. Thanks again, Laurie!!! 🙂  ~Mandy W

Dear Laurie-
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing photos of Alexandria!  Your professionalism and level of expertise is truly reflected in your work and you were able to capture the soul of my daughter. All of her sassiness, all of her beauty, and all of her future are visible in your images.  Our children grow so fast and go from barefoot toddlers to stunning individuals seemingly overnight.  I am so grateful for your capacity to stop time in its tracks and render photos that will forever allow us to remember a small slice of time in her life.  Thank you for a memory than can never be lost nor replaced.
Sheryl Greer

We love our portraits!  You never disappoint!  ~Lacey H

Thank you so much for the heart, time, and effort that you put into the Kenna surprise.  You are a very gifted and caring professional. ~Karen I

I can not thank you enough for the countless hours of photo sessions, the kind words, and the infinite amount of patience you bring to your craft.  You are a consummate professional and you are so good at what you do.  We really appreciate the keepsakes you sent for the girls as well! ~Natalie D

We have been blessed with you as our grandson’s senior portrait photographer.  You have a very special gift, of course from God, and that gives us comfort and love.  Thank you for all you did to make this experience perfect!  ~Donna W

Laurie  shot my daughter’s one year portraits and also our maternity/family portraits.  I could not have been more pleased!  The quality was not only superb, but Laurie is so easy to work with.  She was so flexible in scheduling our sessions and made choosing the perfect prints a breeze.  Now we have the most amazing portraits to hang on our walls and admire for the rest of our lives.  I won’t consider using anyone else!  ~Katy R

Thank you so much for coming to town and taking our daughter’s portraits.  They are breathtaking!  We appreciate you and are happy to call you family! ~Danielle C

I have to say, Laurie, I so admire your professionalism and passion for this art.  I love that you take every detail into account, from the balloons and cake (Birthday Bash), to the accessories and their little smiles.  Not only do we have precious memories of Sophia’s first birthday captured in photographs, but I have the memories of making those photos that I will always cherish.  With every session we’ve had with you, you always have everything ready to go, which makes preparing for the photos a breeze for us.  Just thought I’d share my appreciation, after having worked with other photographers and really knowing what it is that is important to me, that others lacked, while you have always impressed.  ~Jenny C

I used to be a client of Laurie’s for 3 years before moving to San Diego. Laurie takes her time, you never feel rushed. If your child is feeling stubborn or silly she waits patiently for the right moment. She is just as fabulous outside her studio as she is inside. We have done shoots outside and she brings all her equipment with her, Boxes of stuff that’s bigger than she is! She can literally set up a stage in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t imagine anyone being unhappy with her pictures. Laurie is the kind of person with integrity, humility and would do anything to make her client happy. I have done shoots with her from Halloween and Hay, Cookie’s and real flour, to romantic sunsets with my Husband. My daughter was one of her best clients from 1 year old to 3 1/2 until we moved away. Moving to San Diego I thought it would be easy to find a professional with the same amount of enthusiasm, and expertise as Laurie… it is not easy… I’ve taken my daughter to over 6 different Photographers and after every shoot I’m always disappointed, there’s always something wrong from a crazy hair out of place, smudged lipstick, hands placed awkward etc… These little things Laurie has an “eye” for. She’s behind the camera instructing you, tilt your head that way, lean in, a little more, too much, put your hand there…. She’s taken the time to brush my hair, flip a curl in the right direction, fix my bra, put my daughters hair bow on the other side, give me lip gloss, give my daughter a piece of candy etc… There’s a reason her Portraits are far better then everyone else’s. Another amazing thing about Laurie…Laurie has reasonable prices (and let’s talk reasonable, these are “portraits” not Target Portraits but real “Portraits” taken with expensive equipment, top of the line cameras, lighting, back grounds and of course Laurie.) I really wanted to write this review for Laurie because I had yet another disappointing shoot and it made me realize what a piece of Gold Laurie truly is. I’ve always known she was fantastic, I just didn’t expect “her quality” to be so hard to find.  ~ Katie V


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